Singapore Movers

Apex Movers is a relocation and moving company based in Singapore. We're the preferred Movers in Singapore! We provide services such as Moving service, Packing service, Disposal service as well as Short & Long Term Warehousing storage service. Our Singapore movers are highly trained and experienced to handle your moving requirements. As one of the most reliable and cost-efficient office movers Singapore, we possess relevant equipment, manpower and skills to handle and manage your residential, commercial or industrial move. You can count on us if you want to move to anywhere in Singapore.

We are highly committed to ensure the moving process is smooth and without any hitches and we make sure that all items that are unwanted are properly disposed. Boxes and cartons are also provided for your ease during this stressful period when you are moving. Our commitment to our valuable customers is second to none and we seek to provide the best moving experience you will ever get from a house movers Singapore.

There are absolutely no hidden cost and we provide a FREE moving consultation & quotation upon request.
We'll be glad to work hand in hand with you to ensure you have a pleasant experience.

So why not choose Apex Movers for your moving needs? Call 9233 9992 to speak to our Moving Specialists today!


  • Switch off all electrical appliances such as TV, fridge, washing machine 24 hours before the packing begins
  • Label all your cartons/boxes properly with easily identifiable legible wordings.
  • Do not leave valuables lying around. Keep all valuables close to you.
  • Use bubble wrap to pack fragile items such as antiques, vases, glasses, etc.
  • Plan your moving date in advance to avoid unnecessary anxiety

For more tips on your residential, commercial or industrial move call 9233 9992 today for a no obligation discussion!

Why do you need to engage a professional moving company instead of moving on my own?

  1. They are professionally trained and are able to take special care when moving your belongings. They will know how and what to start with.
  2. They will provide free new boxes for you to put your belonging. This will save your trouble of taking unwanted old boxes from the fruit store in your nearest market.
  3. They have trucks to move your big items and save the number of trips and petrol compare with your saloon car.
  4. There is 1 very common problem during moving "I have lost my stuff while moving my house" Does it sound very familiar? With professionally trained movers, Apex will have a systematic way of "First in first out method" to move your belonging. In this way Apex movers will minimise the chances of misplacing things. We also have professional consultant to advise how you should sort and pack your staff.
  5. Unorganised moving exercise can be a very stressful and unpleasant experience. For most of the busy Singaporeans, there are other more important things that require your precious time and attention than moving on your own. So just leave it to us the professional house movers. We will help you to do the entire heavy at ease. This is to avoid unnecessary mental and physical stress.
  6. Delicate items such as Piano, Painting, China vase require very experienced movers in Singapore to take care. Special equipment to move those items and packing is required to minimise damage. We do not want to be penny wise and pound foolish.

How to choose the right House Mover?

  1. Firstly, you will have to find a minimum of 3 movers in Singapore to stream line your choices. There are too many Singapore movers around.
  2. Compare the prices and the services that each company is providing. There are many Singapore movers that have hidden charges which are not clearly stated in their website or over verbal quotation. Hence, please request for official quotation to prevent any unhappy misunderstanding in future. This is especially important for company that is engaging office movers in Singapore as the quantum is bigger. Many a time, the mover company only provide minimal packing materials. So you have to make sure the number of boxes, tapes, plastic crate and bubble wrap that the moving company is providing is sufficient. If additional items are to be purchased, how much will it be? All the prices should be presented clearly to you before confirmation. You have to take into consideration of the total cost when you are choosing a moving company.
  3. While price is a deciding factor, the credibility of the moving company is crucial as well. Which means the year of establishment, the company strength and which corporate has engaged their services before, plays an important part too. You have to be careful of those unethical or fly by night Singapore movers around. After they have collected your deposit, they become uncontactable. Sometimes it is not about the money that you are unable to recover but the deadline that you have to move out.
  4. Do some research before engaging the moving company? You can read some reviews from forum. There are many experts that deal with house movers in Singapore and they are very willing to share their experiences with you be it good or bad.